A Second Great Dot

Friday May 29

6.15, just scraping new potatoes (from our garden) for tea.....a phone call from Steve. Great Knot viewable from Breydon South Wall, 50 metres from car park. Pam still at Sylvia's.

6.20, Tea abandoned, doors locked.

6.55, Arrive at the car park and, very luckily, got the car into a space by the footbridge. Cars were parked everywhere possible, blocking others but not the driveway. A short agitated fast trot to the sea wall to join about 30 others, many GYBC members. The Great Knot, a Norfolk first found by club member Ian Smith who also found the Killdeer a few years ago, was showing quite distantly on the mud across the channel. It looked quite good in the scope but not in my camera.... In winter plumage but, the chunky body, small head and attenuated rear was obvious. Better views than our first but definitely BVD. Well done Ian.

Spot the Bird

Getting bigger -it's in the dark water in front and left of the metal lump

Massively cropped and enlarged
but discernable

We were away by 7.20. home at 7.55 and eating supper at 8.30.
Thank you Ian and, big thanks to Steve for the phone call.

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