A day out - with Birding....

Sunday May 31

Another beautiful, cloudless, summer day. Salthouse Beach Road first call - for a drink bought from the van always parked there. A Meadow Pipit on a fence fairly close post proved irresistible.

Cley Marshes seen at their best but the variety of birds was not noteable. We still thoroughly enjoyed looking at the 50+ Black-tailed Godwit, Gadwall, Mallard and Ducklings and, best all, two , day old Lapwing chicks . The smaller of the two was also the nearer.

As we were driving up to Salthouse Heath for our picnic lunch, the reported Collared Pratincole at Holme became a Black-winged! Off we went, found somewhere to park in Peddars Way and joined about 40 other birders peering at a field of waving cereal. The bird hadn't been seen for over an hour. After a wait of about a quarter of an hour, it was decided that nearby Holme reserve might add a Turtle Dove. No Doves and the assistant warden said trhat none had been reported. The first time for some years that this site has disappointed us. Worrying.....
A track-side Southern Marsh Orchid with a host of another paler pink variety.

The same or different?

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