Cancelled Birding Day

Tuesday May 26
We were due to meet Sue at Minsmere - she's dog and house sitting at Dunwich. First a doctor's appointment for me, I've got blurred vision in my left eye. Just before Bacton Woods a raptor, flying east towards the sea, caused excitement. It twiddled its tail which was slightly forked, just like a Black Kite. A narrow road, nowhere to turn and a van right on our tails meant that the short view was not enough to claim the bird as a B Kite - but that's what it probably was.
Pouring down when we got up and still was as I left the doctor's. Sue was already soaked walking the dog. A mutual decision to cancel.
It stopped raining soon after one p.m., time to drive to Winterton Beach befor the dog walkers and half term holiday makers arrived. Four Gannets as soon as we arrived but - apart from the usual gulls - just two Fulmars in the first hour. A group of passing Harbour Porpoises showed their backs and fins before the hoped for bird, a single Little Tern, sped by. They always look as though they're flying heads down, on a mission.

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