In search of Ouzel

Tuesday April 14
After a morning in Norwich, Pam's physio appointment and then lunch with John, Mag and Ann at Salhouse, all in 18C warm sunshine, a dash to Weybourne. We found the area shrouded in sea mist billowing in off the sea and very cold in the ENE wind. We walked along the shingle, climbed to the five bar gate and then along the clifftop, together with half a dozen other birders. None of us found the reported male Ring Ouzel. A military type vessel towing a trailer full of screaming children, careered along the clifftop and across the area we were scanning. Bird scarers from Weybourne Camp.
Whilst we were chatting with Mr Financial Times man who we were with in Northern Kruger, the cry of 'flying Stone Curlew' went up. All but two of us missed it. Ears singing and stinging, we continued to scan, tutting as a Range Rover drove the field and then a young girl with windmilling arms hurtled directly down the centre of the scanned area towards the vehicle. She did us a favour, the Stone Curlew rose beneath her flying feet and flew strongly north and out of view. Good, we don't have to go to Weeting again.
Time to return to the warmth of the car and an icecream at Salthouse...

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