Cantley Beet Factory again

Sunday March 29
The clocks 'sprang forward' last night, the start for Arnold's Marsh was late morning. Leaving North Walsham, I had a phone call from Steve, the Ferruginous is back at Cantley. Not much debate before a quick turnround and dash for Cantley.
Signed in at security, the same pleasant man as yesterday, parked and walked towards the far pit. Dot and Steve were driving towards us, to say that the duck had disappeared but they hadn't seen it fly. Unabashed, we walked on to view the lump strewn and large lagoon. The 'lumps' look like bits of the Giants causeway, upright cylinders of clumped material. Clay? The lagoon is very open, no cover at all from which to view so, the birds are very flighty. A Green Sandpiper flew away across the pool as we approached and all the ducks were distant. Steve had seen the bird amongst the Pochard, no sign now. A systematic scope scan starting at the bottom right corner exposed the drake Ferruginous Duck (escape, it has a blue leg ring) swimming very fast left, hugging the far bank. It then flew to join the other diving duck, Pochard and a few Tufted.

I quickly attached my DCM, struggling to view and focus at that distance but firing off some shots anyway. The results were not good but here's one anyway !(For some reason,and months later, it's disappeared)

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