Cantley Beet Factory Lagoons

Saturday March 28
Believing the weather forecast that showers would hold off until after lunch, we set off for Cantley. It's at least five years since we last visited, when I caught a foot in some bramble and fell on/over a pipe injuring a bone sheath in my right leg, forever (doc said). I wanted to see if our permits to drive in were still valid. We even got the wrong entrance, choosing the one for the lorries and had to phone Dot for instructions! Permits fine, thank goodness. Signed in at security and drove riverside through the factory to the designated parking area which is about 300 yards sooner than where we used to park.
Taking the first track to the left was a mistake too, we did a tour of the smelly pits but ended up at the far and best one. There were frequent squalls throughout, some of them sleety but at our backs on the way there. Many ducks on the water but long and persistent scanning did not produce the ringed Ferruginous Duck. Two Green Sandpipers to add to the year list though. Into the teeth of the wind on our shorter return journey, attempting to get the thick, glutinous grey mud off our boots in any puddles found. A pleasing visit in that we are now familiar with the place again.

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