Winterton South Dunes

Monday March 30
We didn't set off until 3ish. Peter was stripping wallpaper off the bathroom walls, we had to go and buy tile adhesive, paint and paste and Kevin the gardener needed his instructions.
A lovely sunny morning after heavy overnight frost but a great deal of cloud this afternoon. Took the last parking place
at Winterton Village Hall and walked about a quarter of a mile past Hermanus to view a large gorse clump.
A female Black Redstart rose vertically, flycatching, from the middle of the clump but was very wary of us. Constantly flying away, occasionally perching in view and then off again. I attempted a photograph but this was the best I could do. Three birds had been reported but we saw just the one. Maybe the others were further on.
A handsome male Stonechat was also doing the vertical flycatching act.

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