Some Time for Ourselves

Pam's 101 year old mum was sent back to her Residential Home yesterday to be 'kept comfortable'. It's been a hard week, last Friday the only break.
After morning snow and some essential chores, a mid-day drive to Winterton via Walcott PO. As we left Bachelors Lane, a female Merlin shot across the road in front of us.
Soon after leaving Waxham, stopping to look at some Fieldfare, a beauutiful male Hen Harrier showed fleetingly flying low behind a hedge. Whilst admiring 10 Common Cranes in the back of the field immediately past Brograve Farm, the Hen Harrier passed by my window, just 10 feet away, appearing from behind the bushes. Stopping beyond Horsey Mill to scan a field of Lapwing and Starlings, we found a small group of Golden Plover. They seem to be scarce at the moment. An old Norfolk man with whom I worked, always said that if the Lapwings and Peewits diappeared the weather was going to be bad. Wrong tense I reckon.
The sea at Winterton was angry, foaming onto the beach propelled by a strong NE wind. No birds at all in ten minutes - until two Red-throated Divers flew past, soon disappearing.
An Email I received to-day wrote of the displaying Goshawks at Sculthorpe and said that the management was willing for the news to be broadcast. I phoned it in to the RBA team but it still wasn't reported on the pager - the Cranes etc were.

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