Snettisham at Dawn

Sunday November 15
High tide at 5 a.m., dawn at 7ish, we set out at one minute to six and were almost too late. It poured down all the way there, so hard that we almost turned back but, decided to trust Metcheck. Arriving on Snettisham Pits raised bank, overlooking the Wash, at 7.20 in very poor light, we were awestruck by the spectacle of thousands of Pinkfeet rising from the distant mudflats in V shaped flocks in wave after wave of feathered bombers, flying south to feeding grounds. Some overhead, most over the RSPB Pits, calling to each other the whole time. What an experience. Not our first but probably the best, despite the poor lighting conditions: leaden sky with occasional lighter streaks and still some light rain showers. I still took many photographs....

Our bodies and senses full, as the flocks lessened, we turned our attention to other birds. An extensive flock of Golden Plover wasted energy rising, swirling and landing again.

Reluctantly dragging ourselves away, we drove around the Docking area looking for flocks of Pinkfeet. The Snow Goose was last reported in this area. We found several empty beet fields, the remains ploughed in. Spoilsport farmers! I suppose the geese do make a mess.....
Brancaster Staithe at low tide, looked wonderful in the sunshine

We were entertained by a Common Gull dropping mussels onto the hard stony area and then having to defend its open shell from Turnstones - who cheekily nipped in to steal the contents. The gull got rather annoyed in the end, showing its feelings by yelling at the waders.

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