An Hour's Seawatch

Saturday September 5
Having spent most of the morning/early afternoon finishing off and printing the Gt Yarmouth Bird Club newsletter, a bit of birding was called for. Not enough time to travel to the north coast so we settled for Cart Gap. Not a premier sea watching site but close to home.
Settling in the dunes, we scanned a vast expanse of seemingly empty sea apart from a couple of jetskis and their riders. During just under an hour's watch (parking is £1.10 per hour) we saw 5+ Arctic Skuas and at least a 100 Gannets. One juvenile Arctic landed on the beach 50 yards in front of us - and I didn't bring my SLR and long lens........Pam nipped back to the car and got our Canon Ixus compacts and I managed to fire off four shots before it flew. Excellent views through my scope, it filled the lens, best views since we were on Shetland in 1974.

I must be a leading contender for 'worst bird photograph of the year'.

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