Fledgling House Martins and Many Spoonbills

Monday June 29
Pam called me out to see one of our baby House Martins perched roof top, waiting to be fed by its parents. The other two fledglings had flown further afield.

Tuesday June 30
We should have been birding with Sue. She rang from her parents home last night, mother unwell so she was staying an extra night.
After a leisurely start to the day, we drove to Cley, viewing the dark wall of mist hanging over the coast with some apprehension. This turned out to be distantly out to sea at Cley, all was well. It was still enough to keep the temperature in the comfortable low twenties, thank goodness. Simmonds Hide only had two other birders when we arrived, including the affable Tony. The nine Spoonbills fast asleep at the back of the pool, just large white headless blobs.
They are such indolent birds. A group of cows and their galumphing calves were wandering the pool, not causing as much bird disturbance as I expected. Until one ventured onto the Spoonbill island and they all flew east......and returned to preen very actively indeed. Not good to try and photograph, we're never satisfied! Either too still or too active.
I took the following photos with my DCM through the scope.

Four splendid male Ruffs, two black and two chestnut, flew in plus a Spotted Redshank. Two Green Sandpipers showed for a short while on the western pool.
Lunch at the centre and an icecream at Salthouse rounded off the half day very nicely.

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