February 26
We had to get the Honda to the Mundesley garage for 8.30 to have four new tyres fitted. Pam drove the Micra there which we then used to travel to the north coast so that I could do some photography. Rather poor light but I wanted to try out my Minox Digital Camera Module (DCM) in the field. It fits onto my scope in place of the eyepiece. If the results are reasonable I shall take it to Brazil.
Sheringham for Purple Sandpipers first, one of which was fairly obliging but, all shots have to be taken from above on the esplanade which is not ideal.

The poor Glaucous Gull with its damaged wing was showing well on the other side of the shingle bank at Salthouse. I tried to photo from its good side but it had sat down by now and I didn't want to hassle it.
Pat's Pool hide only had one occupant, another photographer, so I was able to shoot away with the DCM.
I find it very difficult to focus on the screen using the scope wheel - especially as I'd left my specs in the car - but the results were reasonable considering all that and the lack of good light. At least I feel much more confident now. I will now upload some photos but whatever I do, they appear at the top of the day's entry. Maybe in a few months time I'll have it all sussed - if that's possible anyway.

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