Chance Encounter

Wednesday November 3
A busy social day. Coffee morning followed by lunch with friends at Salhouse garden Centre. Pam decided to call in at Walcott PO instead of going straight home. The shortest route from there is past the Seal Rescue place. Shortly before Point House, we both saw two Waxwings feeding in a hawthorn bush on the north side of the lane. Turning round as soon as we could, we returned to enjoy the view of these delightful birds and to attempt to photograph the, Definitely not the best I've ever taken but pleasing considering the low grey overcast with drizzle in very poor late afternoon light. They spent much of their time on the wires above the hedge, not spooked at all by passing traffic. One pierced a berry onto its upper mandible and took quite a while to manoeuvre it off. I have a photo of this but it's even worse !

Wing pattern shown

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