Cornwall and Scilly Season

Sunday October 3
Not too early a start, 6.15, we made good time to St Austell, despite several rest stops, the longest at Collingford Lakes. I decided not to make the detour to East Prawle for the House Finch  Asking Pam to drive those one track lanes with very occasional passing places at the end of a long drive, was not reasonable.
After settling in to the Travelodge, we drove to Mevagissey and a few other nearby seaside places without finding anywhere with a view to park and eat supper. A grassy car park was the best we could manage.
Monday Oct 4
Truro and The Lizard -Kynance Cove
THE place to look for Choughs. Such a beautiful day, warm, almost cloudless, the views were stunning. We walked from the Nat. Trust car park to the viewpoint which gave extensive views of the rocky coast and the tiny Kynance settlement below, nestled against the cliffs . Many more visitors than we'd ever seen here before, most walking down to the cafe far below and then climbing all over the cliffs beyond.

Good views of Ravens and a Peregrine in the two hours before departing for an Ann's pasty and an icecream at the Lizard village. With so many tourists around, the narrow drive down to the  end with its very small car park was not a viable option. We returned to Kynance for lunch in the hope of a different corvid from the dozens of Jackdaws.
Eating and reading with the window open......two short calls ...views of two Choughs flying east. Result, but fairly unsatisfactory. Thank goodness they're vocal birds, more alerting calls. This time, four birds flying west, rising against the cliffside and along the ridge before disappearing once more.
A short detour to log in at the Hayle Travelodge, before driving through Penzance to park on the western promenade and sea watch. I saw a probable actively diving Grebe before sighting another birder scoping further on. We walked towards him and soon saw a dark duck-shaped blob towards Newlyn. Pam walked to the birder whilst I looked through my small hand-held travel scope. The white neck bar and yellow blob bill became more obvious. A handsome adult male Surf Scoter. Excellent.
Tuesday October 4
The 11.10 helicopter flight was over 5 minutes late leaving and, into a headwind, took 5 minutes longer than usual . The male flight attendant was great, commentating on the landmarks and giving interesting historical detail of lighthouses and reefs passed. For example, the reef where the Torrey Canyon was grounded spilling millions of gallons of crude oil - taking a short cut from Kuwait to Milford Haven.
Duncan was waiting at the heliport, waxing lyrical about  the lack of birders and the greediness of the island's property owners. It's the first time ever that we've been the only binocular hung passengers on the helicopter.
The afternoon was spent unpacking, shopping at the Co-op, sorting laptops, drinking coffee and snacking. Much needed respite.

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