Carn Friars Afternoon

October 12
Such a beautiful looking day, warm and sunny. Couldn't stay in another day to rest my achilles, all those birds out there.....
Spider's not working, Duncan's busy - he gave me Island Taxis' number - and Rob picked us up at the Town Hall at 2.00., dropping us at Carn Friars Lane. No sign of the reported Wryneck at the farm buildings.  A short walk down the track, we arrived at the horse jump field and immediately saw a Little Bunting, feeding in the grass. The easiest Little Bunt ever, we stood in this area for hours last year. I attempted some photos.

A Clouded Yellow danced its manic way from daisy family yellow flower to yellow flower.

Arriving at the end of the path, Porthellick Bay at low tide is not at its best. A tight, narrow mouthed , horseshoe-shaped, bay, showing an  expanse of sand, rocks and seaweed. What a delight, we found two whole, white, plastic chairs where we sat in comfort for over an hour basking in the sun whilst birding. A flock of about 50 hirundine fed around us, at least one House Martin amongst the Swallows. One Black Redstart and a male Stonechat  sallied forth after insects from the nearest boat deck and ropes. We couldn't manage to ID the Plover sp in the bay nor its short-billed companion. Were they the AGP and the Pectoral Sandpiper reported here this morning? Looking into the sun, distance and lack of scope mitigated against a positive ID.
News of the Wryneck 'showing well' in Carn Friars lane took us back up the hill, pausing for another view of the L Bunting, feeding on the path.
No Wryneck but, a Chiffchaff, Yellow-browed Warbler and a Goldcrest (only our second of the year) in one willow tree near the farm. Taxi home to eat and get ready to watch to-night's footie.

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