Car Birding

Setting off in a thick haar at 6.00 a.m. which turned to rain by mid-day was not ideal birding conditions. Our first 2010 Norfolk Red Kite of the year wheeling over the small wood near Harpley Cottages, was very pleasing. The Spot Fly at Sculthorpe kept us waiting a while but duly obliged.
Abbey Farm Hide is becoming run down. The concrete approach path ever more thickly strewn with dead foliage, fence in a poor state of repair and a hide in need of a sweeping. I think Ill take a yard broom next time, it's slippery for a start. I was in time to see a Turtle Dove fly away but no sign of either Kingfishers nor Little Owl.
The back road to West Newton had a male Grey Partridge fossicking near a wheat field. I managed a few shots from Pam's window before he stole away.One day I'll get a photo I'm pleased with.......

Oystercatcher Family

Avocet young diving for warmth

Multi-legged parent

High tide at Snettisham - again - nesting birds on the shingle ridge the main attraction. Quite delightful.
The wader flocks at high tide are very distant on the far point, not even scopeable. I still love the place, whatever the tide.
Coffee at Holme, not much singing to-day. Who could blame them ?
Lunch at Brancaster Staithe enjoying Little Terns fishing on the ebbing tide, our coastal drive ending at Salthouse.
An astonishing 81 birds clocked up on a less than propitious Norfolk June day.

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