There be Dragons

Thursday June 25

Holt Country Park is noted for its dragonflies. We've never visited before and it was a lovely sunny day to do so. The car park is off the B1149 south of Holt, heavily wooded with small parking areas plaved around the Centre. A Junior school party made its noisy way to the lunch laid out in the picnic area just as we arrived, thank goodness they'd finished their walk.
We took the short yellow trail as it seemed to follow the instructions we'd got from The Norfolk Dragonfly site. The bench overlooking the pond was empty so we sat comfortably to attempt a) to see any at all and b) find any perched. How confusing....
Blue species Damselflies whizzing about low over the waterlilies, larger ones about the rushes and sedges in the centre of the pool, sometimes perching. They were very feisty, not allowing any other to come close. I managed one photograph which I think was of a Broad Bodied Chaser female. We'll see.

The Bees and fly species proved to be elusive too. What's this one?

We were home for a late lunch so that Pam could visit her mum.

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