In search of Wryneck

Tuesday April 28
A hard morning's work at home, potting plants, doing paperwork etc. ready for going away on Thursday. In the afternoon, responding to the pager, we drove to Horsey car park and did half of the walk to the Caravan Park before meeting Bob coming back. He and a friend had been unable to find the reported Wryneck anywhere. Birders are no longer allowed to walk across the caravan park, it's actually fenced off and entails a rough dune walk around the edge.
In the meantime, said bird had been reported from Winterton North Dunes '300 yards north of the village'. Despite knowing how difficult the birding is there, the four of us set off. There were at least eight of us searching, only seeing Stonechat and Yellowhammers. Ah well, at least we tried.

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