March 2
Not too early a start to-day for Buckenham via Winterton - the pretty way. No sign of any Cranes but 2 Common Buzzards and a Sparrowhawk to add to the 'usual' Marsh Harrier. At first sight, the sea looked empty but a telescope scan eventually produced several distant Red-throated Divers, 2 single Gannets and one Scoter. The lanes around Cantley and Buckenham are small, myriad and a criss crossing maze but we eventually found our way to Wood Lane. Luckily, a parked car and two telescoping birders in the bank-top hedge gave us a clue to the Cattle Egret's whereabouts. A machine was rolling the young wheat and the Egret was hunched just inside the hedge. I gradually climbed the short bank, working my way into the hawthorn hedge, so that I could take some photographs unhampered by hedge and wire fence. When it moved, it did so with a heavy limp, a damaged leg was held inside its breast feathers until the attempt to walk. Fortunately the bird still flies well so should survive, although the cold weather is due to return mid week. On to Buckenham Marshes just crossing the rail as the keeper was shutting the gate. Such a beautiful sunny day, the Wigeon looked handsome although there was a lack of bird variety, no geese for example. Half a dozen Ruff and a Grey Heron, which we missed yesterday, a few Dunlin and many Lapwing and Golden Plover. That brought our month total to 101 after yesterday's excellent 93.

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