Buckenham Marshes

Thursday March 26
After a day of strong winds, heavy blustery showers, Martin installing the new washbasin in the cloakroom and more Brazil Blog, we decided to drive to Buckenham. It was gone 3 before we were able to leave. Pam, suffering from a recurrence of her sore throat virus, felt wan and achy. The gate past the Anglers car park was open so we drove to the flooded fields halfway to the Mill. A long scan through many Ruff, Wigeon, Teal and a few Redshank eventually brought the reward of a sprightly White Wagtail tripping amongst the tussocks. More patient scanning gave scope views of the reported Little Ringed Plover making its short, dashing forays rather distantly. Two year birds which Pam was able to bin. from the car after the LRP had walked nearer. The flock of feral Barnacles was present to-day, the lack of any real duck numbers was obvious.

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