Pam accompanied me to my six monthly dental appointment in Stalham so that we could go straight to Norwich to choose wallpaper. A small detour to Wroxham Broad en route in a fruitless search for the reported Ferruginous Duck, picking up GCG for the month list. B and Q was uninspiring but, a small shop on the Hellesdon Industrial Estate came up trumps with a paper we both liked. Still raining heavily, we made our way across the city to Whitlingham Country Park, a place of flooded gravel pits holding many common wildfowl and exercising people. We sat for about 45 minutes, waiting for the rain to ease and my left side to dry ( wet from the opened window for the scope). Eventually it did so, I draped my Barbour over my left side, stuck the scope out and very shortly framed the actively diving first winter male Smew, I don't think I've seen one in that plumage before and it's not pictured in the Collins either, very interesting and a Norfolk year tick. The latter is important as our aim is to see 250 birds in the County this year. I photographed a Green Woodpecker in a lane-side field on the way out.

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